***** Canadian Thai is rated 3.5 out of 5 stars, based on 11 reviews!

  • *****

    The restaurant is AMAZING! The owner Helen is very customer oriented . This is the best service at have encountered since being here in Canada on business and have been here for a month. The restaurant menu offers a very of food. The prices are very reasonable and you get large portion for the price. I will highly recommend Canadian Thaibti anyone that enjoys Thai food!

  • *****

    Such a nice place,nice sevice and nice price.Creamy curry chicken ,sooooo good,the best one in the city.I go there 2-3 times per month from 2011 and the food is aiways good.
    The pad thai is excellent as well.I finish it every time even though it is large.
    Another one i recommend is general taos chicken,crispy,sweet and a little bit spicy,yummy.
    It is definately an amazing resteraut.

  • *****

    Perfect food and it's delicious. The place is keept clean and it's a nice building and they treat their customer really good. Take out is great because it's done fast and they dont waist your time.

  • *****

    This is my weekly Friday lunch! Delicious! Clean! and great lunch pricing!
    The waitress, with the pixie hair is always friendly and greats us with a smile!


  • *****

    I just love this spot.

    Not just the food which is the closest to thai food since i was in thailand but the cozy atmosphere and the snippy server.

    A buddy of mine and myself have been coming for years when we work here and its a gem.

    The spice doesnt feel powerful but the bite lingers like a girlfriend whos left things in your house.

    Try the green curry chicky. Or as I call it the devils chicken.


  • *****

    Consistently great Thai food. Traditional Pad Thai to kill for. Very friendly staff.

  • *****

    Excellent Thai food. One of the best places I've eaten at.
    We had the Yellow Curry Beef- the beef was cooked perfectly. So tender and tasty, not over cooked like at a lot of places
    The Red Curry Tiger Shrimp was excellent- lots of shrimp and they were large
    Traditional Pad Thai- quite delicious
    Spicy Peanut Chicken- Actually spicy, and LOTS of flavor
    Spicy Garlic Eggplant- cant go wrong!

    They even threw in a free vegetable stir fry because we ordered over a certain amount

    The lady was friendly and helpful. Overall, we were very delighted with our food and will definitely return!